Apr. 23rd, 2017 02:52 pm
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The workplace is shattering.
I'm shifting. looking elsewhere.
Monotony, that the hard carry to it.

When my gaze falls on the workplace,
I feel afraid. restlessness
to sicken my mind's way.
I have neither time nor remember resistance
I am dead.

Shoved that wanted future,
down with a spark long ago.
If I make to remember,
and I move to have,
I long sicken elsewhere.

Given point-blank,
am I not asleep?
Little that I've drawn,
How my gaze will obsess.
Come back, the others are asleep this year.
Spark is at flame.
But I really don't seemingly
mind the future,
and am looking to it.

Everything this year will go the hardest
and wouldn't I give any word
Maybe plagued with grief.
Monotony, and then,
There drawn to the shattering.
am for him, clinging at night.
My way I cannot see through the grief.
Its old asleep fingers
A letter to feel old walls dried,
The dead me, this is I myself
This used letter.

Ignored, don't it burn myself.
Everything ago
I far wanted, world remember to never.
Genteel neat must me, and am keeping to be me
Thing which I used up shifting.
Many have dried, they feel this.
My old can full of flame unexpectedly.
Here, it fires my papers
Already a little dried
A mind back closed neat.
Attentive, let myself remember
My job told everything genteel and
must be attentive

I sleep with ghosts,
struggling to be proper.
really of moths clinging.
And now I am
shattering. The flame.
long ago that ceremony
It is time, so see letters burning
It is my belief. the papers unexpectedly,
Everything over.
Not that I like point-blank.
I do my will and that which clings
once, don't anymore
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